Delivering the right soution for your project

Resin Casting

From small model runs, to massive crowd funded campaigns that require tens of thousands of pieces, we've done it.


We work with both traditional sculpted pieces as well as digital models. With our investment in 3D printing, we are often able to print master models directly to use for mold making, instead of adding additional delays and expense with 3rd party services and post.

With a quality first approach, we use a combination of both vacuum and pressure when casting to maximize the potential of each casted piece.

We also utilize industrial processes such as static mixers to ensure quality mixing of polyurethane parts, increase production speed, and reduce the typical waste of cups, mixing sticks, and so forth that is common with hand mixing and pouring. ​

3D Printing

With a host of traditional FDM and resin based 3D printers, we are well equipped to handle rapid prototyping of models, and small part runs. 

Need larger production runs? Talk to us about printing master quality models for traditional mold making and resin casting.


Need to handle ongoing direct customer orders, or tackle the sorting, packaging, and shipping nightmares of a massive crowd funded campaign? 


We know the pain involved, talk to us today, to see if we can be of assistance.